Lord Sterling's Journal

A mysterious iron sphere was mentioned, along with 3 names.

What Merewen remembers:
It was pretty old and did not have a recent entry. The entries we read began some time ago (that was defined but I can’t quite remember) with a story about Lord Sterling adventuring with his three friends. They killed a dragon (which was somehow related to the mysterious iron orb) and one of his friends, Fingolfin, actually gets killed and Sterling talks about bringing him back to life. Thus, we have learned that Lord Sterling is a cleric or something like it and that likely explains why no other mage’s magic seems to touch him.

The story goes on with entries spaced about a month apart. Lord Sterling becomes more and more angry with his friends in how they treat him after the adventure. I believe there is some disagreement about how to split the loot and Lord Sterling feels that his friends are trying to cheat him. He also feels betrayed when they decide to quit the adventure and Fingolfin, in particular, expresses a desire to return to his family.

It seems like this journal explains the beginnings of Lord Sterling’s deplorable behavior. In the beginning, he wasn’t so different from us. I wonder what caused him to change? Perhaps the mysterious iron sphere is evil and causing him to behave as a tyrant.

Lord Sterling's Journal

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