Cleric of Lilliana, former prisoner of Lord Sterling


Gwuim is not an immediately impressive figure on first glance. He is a short and somewhat portly man with a pale almost sickly color to him. While his short stature and obvious lack of physical prowess might cause others to be dismissive those who look more closely will recognize his talents. His light brown-eyes are filled with an intelligence that seems surprising given his obviously poor origins. Likewise Gwiums manner and bearing seem to demonstrate a wisdom beyond his years. While initially Gwium doesn’t appear to be anyone of much interest most find after knowing him that he is easy to like. This is probably because he is extremely selfless and kind.


Born to a couple of penniless though loving parents in the Greenwood, Gwium was orphaned at an early age. He still vividly remembers the terror of hiding while he heard his mother and father slaughtered by kobolds. This experience has left him with a deep mistrust of all scaly-kind and an abiding hatred of kobolds. While quite young when he was orphaned he managed to look after himself as a waif on the streets largely through the kindness of strangers. As he reached the age when a more fortunate child would have started apprenticeship, Gwium was arrested as part of a raid by Lord Sterling to crush a nacent movement against him. While not aware of it at the time, Gwium later learned that the raid had been targeting the sect of Lilliana because of their work to improve the lot of peasants in the Greenwood. It was in prison where he learned that many of his benefactors were supporters of the sect. This was how he met his mentor and joined their cause.

While extremely trying from a physical standpoint, Gwiums stay in prison was of great benefit to him. It was there that he apprenticed in his faith and learned the skills of his class. As conditions became ever more difficult the sect finally attempted escape. Unfortunately, Gwium was the only member to get out of the prison alive. It was during this attempt that Gwium believed his mentor was killed. He still carries the anguish of leaving her to almost certain death when she was wounded while they fled. This guilt drives him to do all that he can to serve others and fuels his passion to break Lord Sterlings oppression.


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