The Regalia of Evil

Why adventuring is typically done in armor

Luna decides to talk her way back out of Sterling’s mansion while the rest of the party escapes through the secret passage. Gwium has a knack for finding monsterous spiders, which he demonstrates repeatedly while the group is down below. Weakened by poison and fairly weaponless, the party faces their most fearsome foe yet in the form of an animated chest that swallows Milgram Wigglefingers. After a tough battle, the gnome is freed and the party escapes the tunnels.

Meanwhile, Luna learns Skittles’ true name. Once the party regroups, they head to the conclave of the lizardmen and speak to the shaman again. It is decided that the party will head to Mountain’s Gate to try and destroy the evil book, and Lord Kallion and 2 bodyguards join them, so as to put Kallion beyond the reach of Lord Sterling.

While visiting the Mountain’s Gate Protectors, a group of Paladins fighting in the names of Moradin and Heironeous, the party finds out that Lord Ravian, the head of the order, is off in Serendipity city at some unknown imperial gathering. The party agrees to aid a villager rescue the maidens of his town from goblin raiders. The Lady Raviaries accompanies them as part of the expedition, while Kallion and his companions remain in the town. At the thorp, the party picks up the goblins’ trail…



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