The Regalia of Evil

The vault of the rod of evil

While hanging around town, one of the party encounters “Bat-man” and causes him to drop a map. After some deliberation, the party decide to follow the map without seeking counsel from any of their allies. They head out towards Crippled Peak and find the entrance. Oddly enough, the murals on the wall depict the same elf Merewen has seen in her dreams.

Inside the dungeon, they find dopplegangers, displacer beasts, mechanical creatures, and kobolds just to name a few. After nearly losing the ranger to a gigantic ooze, the party resolves to be a bit more careful… An imp pretending to be a raven leads the party to a fake vault, but the party escapes the trap. It isn’t until one of them finds the chute down to the basement level that the Vault is discovered. Unfortunately, Deathbeard’s been here first. The group encounters Amarobius Duskweaver and gets the whole story. Because Amarobius fled Deathbeard and his shiny booted friend, he is stuck as a drider until the Rod of Evil is once again safe in the vault.



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