The Regalia of Evil

The Murder We Didn't Commit

After lounging about in Sighing Mountain for a bit (well, everyone except Gwium, who was busy making magic items), the party begins pondering what to do with the Scepter of Evil. Merewen remembers that Deathbeard’s accomplice and Baron Ivar Goldark wore the same boots of teleportation, casting a shadow on their celebration.

At this point, the young Lord Kallion pays them a visit – he warns the group that there are Wanted posters with their faces on it (except Hrogin is a female dwarf in the picture, a curse he had temporarily when in the dungeon the Scepter of Evil had originally been stored in – long story!). The group is wanted for the murder of Benjamin Gallant! The party decides to temporarily stash the Scepter of Evil with Lady Raviaries, but it won’t be safe there forever, and the Paladin doesn’t want permanent guardianship anyway. On the way to the city of Gallant, Hrogin Beartrapper meets Aurix and panics, a natural reaction when one meets a Gold dragon for the very first time. Aurix gives the party a lift to Gallant. Figuring that they’d be recognized if they tried to sneak inside, Gwium, Merewen Elensar, and Darianna Windsong use the belt of Gender Reversal to help disguise themselves, but Everion Brightmoon refuses to do so. Hrogin negotiates a high price to sneak the party in via the sewers, and then the party has a talk with Constable Mobfrey and find out that the mayor might not be dead.

So, the party decides to search for the missing mayor to prove their innocence and find out what is what. In the back of their minds, they wonder if it’s a trap set to get them back in the city of Gallant.

Luna keeps an eye out while the rest of the party breaks into the mayorial estate. Inside the mayor’s house, they fight a piano, find a teleporter, and duke it out with a red dragon in the dungeons. There’s still one more puzzle to solve before they can reach the safe room, and hopefully, the mayor.



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