The Regalia of Evil

Investigations part 4


Luna and Milgram Wigglefingers met up with “Face” the druglord and managed to convince him that they were trying to convict the paladin, so if he could provide a witness that saw the paladin killing people, the paladin would die. An old lady named Margaret meets up with the group and makes a signed statement (X) that establishes Ravian’s alibi. As she is leaving the tavern, she is beset and murdered by Gnolls. The group takes down the Gnolls and finds out that they were hired by a mysterious man in a dark goatee, skull armor, and cape.
Luna spies on Mr. Stone’s room while he is out in the middle of the night, and she discovers evidence supporting that he is indeed a vampire.
The next morning, the group takes their evidence to Empress Ishtar, who is initially unimpressed by Merewen Elensar’s arguments and documentation, but becomes incensed when Luna lets slip that Jeremiah Gallant had been cheating on the princess with Maid Jennie. Lord Ravian is released and the maid is incarcerated…
Additionally, the party works with Lord Whipple, who needs very little convincing to aid them in destroying the vampire, Mr. Stone. Gwium passes on the chance to meet privately with Lord Sterling. After all is said and done, Aurix the gold dragon gives everyone a ride back home (as well as payment).

A week will pass before trouble looms again…



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