The Regalia of Evil

Investigations (part 3)

Time is running out

Merewen Elensar and Gwium find out from the guards that Lord Ravian’s sword has a specific look. After the group goes asking around town, Luna makes contact with someone who says that a person wielding a sword that matches that description was seen taking out a drug dealer in the warehouse district. Luna makes arrangements to meet up with someone who might know more.

Back at the palace, Mr. Stone arrives to represent Bianca Gallant‘s interests with respect to the trial. Milgram Wigglefingers reveals that he has a business deal with the Gallants and that Mr. Stone was involved, though the whole thing was sketchy. Milgram also informs the group that Bianca had tried to enchant him into stealing something personal of Lord Sterling’s. This information is used as an excuse for meeting with Mr. Stone, where Milgram trades a piece of Sterling’s jewelry to Mr. Stone and gets a sack of gold as payment. Mr. Stone is unwilling or unable to provide more information to the party at this time, so the group decides to prepare for Luna’s meeting.

The group decides that Luna will meet her contact with Milgram visible, and Gwium/Merewen armed and armored down the street, while Milgram’s familiar keeps an eye on Mr. Stone. The group also asks Lady Raviaries about Mr. Stone’s oddly sharp canines… garlic, holy water, and holy symbols are what the paladin recommends the party keep at hand.



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