The Regalia of Evil

Investigations part 2

A breakthrough

Luna and Milgram Wigglefingers do some outdoors investigating and Luna finds some new ice on the pond that leads her to want to investigate, so she deliberately falls in. Unfortunately the cold water prevents her from grabbing the item from the water before she is rescued and tended to. Milgram later interviews Prince Herbert about the night of the murder.

The group reconvenes and in the morning, they admit to being investigators and have the pond dredged for evidence. Gwium winds up with a sword bearing the mark of the Milites de Liberum Arbitrium. The group also speaks to Lord Sterling and finds out that Fingolfen is Merewen Elensar‘s father. The group also finds out that Milgram has had business dealings with Bianca Gallant and her flunky, Mr. Stone. From Darius Whipple IV and Lance Hammerhand the group learn a bit about the Knights of Free Will and about the founding of the city of Gallant and of an artifact known as the Soul of the City. Lance also confesses (after initially attempting to conceal the knowledge) to know about the Orb of Evil, which is likely the identity of Sterling’s anti-magical sphere. Supposedly there is a Crown and Rod of Evil as well, and together they make up the Regalia of Evil.



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