The Regalia of Evil

Investigations part 1

Hope you took good notes...

(OOC Luna and Milgram’s players were absent for this session.)

Gwium and Merewen decide they are going to listen in at dinner, so they decide to go as Lady Raviaries‘s attendants. They gain some advice from one of Prince Herbert’s servants and some new clothes from town. Gwium also runs into the maid and suggests she stop by later that night for some priestly comfort (no, not THAT kind of priestly comfort). After listening in on a mostly boring dinner conversation, they hang around and find out some gossip from Bobby, the imperial attendant serving Lord Sterling. Merewen talks her way in to see the body of Jeremiah Gallant, but isn’t able to do much investigating other than to notice he was killed by a sword. It’s also known that the raise dead spell failed to bring him back. Merewen asks a few more questions of the guards, Sam and Calvin, and then meets back up with Gwium. Meanwhile, Gwium speaks to the maid, learning a few more tidbits.

Ultimately the two come to the conclusion that between the time the maid found the body and Merewen saw the body, a sword was removed from the scene of the crime. There are a number of persons of interest worth investigating, but as it’s now midnight, it’s the wrong time to go asking questions…



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