The Regalia of Evil

Getting caught up

Imp chase and Finding Deathbeard

The party emerges from the dungeon only to see the imp prisoner of some demons. What follows is a long chase through the woods where the party battles demons, more demons, some of Lord Sterling’s minions, and even more demons until they capture the imp. The imp agrees to take the party to Deathbeard in exchange for his freedom.

In Sighing Mountain, the party heads to a secret entrance. Inside the dungeon, they find a portal, but lack the key. They spend several days clearing out undead after undead, then fighting a minor beholder, and finally getting the key.

Now they party heads to Deathbeard’s underground keep. Fire creatures, a nasty hellcat, and a pair of mummies all fall to the party’s might. Finally, Deathbeard himself also falls, and the party gets ahold of the Scepter of Evil. Oh yes, and they rescue Baron Goldark, the ruler of Sighing mountain.



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