The Regalia of Evil


The party regroups with Skittles and decides to return to the tower to remove the last two guards now that Kallion is free. After finishing them off, they return to the lizardmen encampment, where Gwium realizes that Lord Kallion is the rightful lord of the Greenwood.

The lizardman shaman hands over a letter that was discovered in possession of the men who were transporting the group as prisoners. According to the letter, Bianca Gallant intended for the group to be presented as slaves to Lord Sterling, gifts to entice him to enter in a business deal with Lady Gallant. Kallion suggests the party use this as an opportunity to engage in espionage, since he overheard that Lord Sterling was immune to magic.

With Luna pretending to be Bianca Gallant’s representative, the group talks their way onto the grounds of Lord Sterling’s manor, where they use various excuses to split up and search for clues. Milgram Wigglefingers finds a journal in the study, as well as a book that is identified as belonging to the evil god of secrets, Vecna. Luna hides Lord Sterling’s jewelry on her person.

The group’s cover is blown as James the Butler finds out that they’re not who they claim to be. They prevent him from fleeing and manage to talk him into keeping silent, so long as nothing is found missing from the manor. The journal is returned to the study, but the group intends to keep and destroy the Vecna book.

The party does find the treasury, but it’s evident the room is guarded by lethal magic, and even Milgram decides discretion is the better course of action — no one steals from the treasury. The group goes downstairs and explores the Smoking Room, where Luna finds a hidden door by searching an enormous dragon skull. Exploring the revealed cellar, Merewen Elensar finds the secret passage within the last cask in the third row.


Characters earned 300xp each (900/1000xp to 2nd level)


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