The Regalia of Evil

Danger lurks around every corner

The group presses deeper into the ruined fortress and triggers an arrow trap before drawing the attention of another set of dwarven guards. The spellcaster sends Merewen fleeing, but the party takes out the dwarves. Proceeding further, they find a hatch and ladder leading down. They descend into the dark, where the paladin locates a gelatinous cube with her face. The party races to free her before she melts to death. Gwium dons a set of full plate taken from the dead ooze. Luna scouts ahead and spots “Deathbeard”, a mysterious companion, and four more dwarven guards, as well as one hellhound, all lying in wait. The group spends time discussing tactics, giving their enemies a chance to plan and get into position.

The plan was to run out and shoot, but Luna falls victim to a sleep spell. Fortunately, Milgram is able to awaken her. Gwium steps forth intending to rebuke the hellhound, but catches a face full of flame and falls down, dying. Deathbeard melds into a wall, while his mysterious companion disappears. Raviaries revives Gwium long enough for him to neutralize the hellhound and its hidden companion, but then a dwarven adept causes Gwium to flee in magical terror. Even so, the party manages to cut down the guards and cowering hellhounds.

Magical analysis of the chamber reveals that Deathbeard is a powerful spellcaster and his fleeing was fortunate for the party. Milgram finds some gems, and the party finds a couple scrolls and a coppery potion. Merewen notes to herself that the gold appears to have been minted in her home town.


+1500xp between this and last session… 500 more xp to level 3!

Danger lurks around every corner

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