The Regalia of Evil

Burning Sage's Demense

Introing new players

The party returned to Mountain’s Gate and things settled down a bit. A few weeks later, Kallion approached them about a town looking for adventurers. The town’s local mage, the Burning Sage, hadn’t been heard from for a while, and they needed to know his fate. Darianna, Everion, Hrogin, and a mysterious monk joined the crew.

The party traveled to the keep on the volcano, met some fire dwarves, fought monsters, wound up in an alternate plane (of ice!), wrestled an ice giant, and then broke the spell that was holding the keep out of phase with reality. The mage was dead, but the Celestial trapped within the keep granted each member of the party a boon… The monk took his leave, but the druid, ranger, and sorcerer stayed.



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